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"I may not be his real fiancée but for $20,000 I can pretend…"

About the Author

Alexandra Sharp is a contemporary romance author, with a style of writing that will make you want to cozy up with a hot beverage (dare I say a hot toddy) in the winter months, or go on a hot summer vacation and indulge in these sexy, feel good, happy ending stories designed to take you away from the daily reality. Alexandra is an avid reader herself, and from an early age would get lost in books for hours at a time. As an introvert she loves spending time in nature, hiking local trails, doing Yoga, and of course getting lost in other people’s stories in between writing and creating. She lives in New York City, with her hubby, and 2 fur babies.

Series Blurb: The Runaway Bride Series

The Pretend Bride is the first book in The Runaway Bride series, centered around a poor waitress, a single mom living in the suburbs of Albany, NY. Always looking for ways to make money and support herself and her child, she gets drawn into a love scheme through an online app where she gets hired to impersonate a Manhattan socialite for two weeks for $20,000.

This is a series of stand alone books written as separate stories, yet connecting the main characters in unusual ways. Binge read all of them or one of them, but make sure to get on the mailing list to be notified when the next book comes out!

The Pretend Bride

I may not be his real fiancée but for $20,000 I can pretend…
Being a single mom on a waitress wage is tough.
I need to take any opportunity I can get.
Even if it means changing my identity for 2 weeks and faking being a Manhattan socialite in an arranged engagement on a Mediterranean cruise.
Just fool him for a couple of weeks, they said.
Easy money and you’ll return to your old life again they said.
Yeah right. If only it was that easy...

Nobody told me Levi would be a DILF with such a strong brow, chiseled jaw, and icy blue eyes that make my knees weak.
The way his protective embrace feels when he thinks he’s holding his real wife-to-be.
It also doesn’t help that he’s irresistibly all the right ways.
Pretending to be his is anything but hard...But it’s dangerous.
I can feel myself falling for this man, and I’m getting in too deep.
Especially when I’m hiding not one, but TWO secrets from him.
It’s only a matter of time before the truth is exposed.
Will he run for the hills or will my son have a new man to call “Daddy”?

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